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    Learning Spanish is easy to students in a course of Spanish for foreigners in Valencia are still his team to Barcelona to live the live Barca-Valencia. Valencia, 14.03.10 despite having already begun the most important festivities of Valencia, failures, 36 participants from a Spanish course not resigned to see the League match of the Valencia CF away from home against FC Barcelona. This activity, included in his course of Spanish for foreigners and organized by the Spanish School Costa de Valencia, makes much easier and more fun to learn Spanish. As said the professor in charge of guiding the students on the trip: Learn Spanish is becoming increasingly important, therefore we try to involve the students in the course of Spanish for foreigners by means of socio-cultural activities like this. In the course of Spanish for the week prior to the trip to Barcelona, the students prepared the activity.

    Grammar and conversation classes are supplemented with specialized vocabulary. In addition, were prepared and assayed songs for the occasion. A. for them proved to be one of that highest rang in Spanish School. Before attending the match and taking advantage of the good weather that did in the city throughout the day, the students had time to learn a little more about the city centre and its most emblematic places as, for example, las Ramblas, the port and near the Cathedral. Thus, they also had the opportunity to put into practice their knowledge of Spanish.

    Costa de Valencia Spanish school has won a high recognition among students interested in learning Spanish. This school of Spanish, Centre accredited by the Cervantes Institute, offers Spanish courses throughout the year, at all levels and short, medium and long term. It also has a wide range of complementary courses of various kinds; even a language tutorial to learn more about Spanish football is included in its offer. At night, the group went to the outskirts of the Camp Nou, where the atmosphere was unmatched. The stadium, filled to the top, was the perfect setting for what was going to be a night of good football. Despite a very good first part of Valencia CF, an unstoppable Messi gradually drowned with a hattrick chants of students, as well learned in their course of Spanish for foreigners. Once in Valencia, after a tiring day, still had time to continue the feast. Valencia, in full fault, is the perfect setting for learning Spanish will become something easy, fun and motivating. Original author and source of the article