• SMS Background

    Date: 2017.11.22 | Category: General | Tags:

    A call to the pharmacy. – Say, you have activated charcoal? – No, we do not only activated, but you can send an SMS and get the activation code! Folklore. More recently, a similar anecdote would cause well, except that puzzling. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust on most websites. Most people, except for that part of the population, which, in the course of their work is closely related to computer technology, simply would not realize what they mean. Today, this history sounds very different, and the humor in it contained, comes to almost everyone. Times change and we change with them – the ancients said.

    Observing the changes in our lives over the past decade, we should recognize that they are always proved to be right! Let us recall the feelings in my heart the average citizen caused an unprecedented miracle foreign technology with a surprising name – VCR – literally 15 years ago. Words to describe their quite difficult. But if, nevertheless, try to be brief, it is – joy. Just the opportunity to record what we see on TV, and then watch how and when to decide, dizzy and caused in the soul pride of humanity. Today, it is not only no surprise, but even more so, you will reach exactly the opposite effect. The man who today continues to use the VCR, proslyvet, at best, eccentric. Through the windows – the era of DVD! And not only that. In everyday life quickly burst digital cameras, digital video recording, mobile phones, slightly thicker than a sheet of paper, and much more stunning.