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    The operation and administration of the matter stop being important in that one society, whereas the services respond without disadvantages to dynamic standards and the technology cybernetics of the creation advances especially without pause by the critical mass given in the Valley Silicone (the USA). The fundamental thing is at the moment in the potentials of the knowledge and the investigation, of unrestricted access for the analysts of symbols. This obeys to the carefully codified enter the computer science freeways, that are taking advantage of certain waves the space by means of the artificial satellites. The virtual thing from a variable tool But beyond this potentiality, an important question arises what can be done in Internet? The interconnection of computers increases its utility. In the first place it allows to share valuable resources – time of computation in peripheral powerful or expensive computers understood like storage space is read (discs or printers). Additional it facilitates that the users of these computers communicate to each other of variable forms.

    The simplest way but still the most used is the mail electronic. If the electronic mail supposes a communication person-to-person, the servants of lists provide to spread messages of mail to great groups of subscribers. The thematic lists accede to uninterrupted communications and interchange information, ideas, experiences, knowledge, etc. in a community. The remote sessions of terminal turn the personal computer into a terminal of a remote computer. Thus it is possible to be connected with numerous data bases, computerized catalogues of libraries worldwide (OPAC: Online Public Acces Catalog), electronic planks (BBSs: Bulletin Board System), etc.

    and to obtain data and services. Another system of communication used daily by several million people is the USENET News or Netnews: the news of the network. 0rganizados hierarchically, they consist of several thousands of discussion groups on the diverse subjects.