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    In these days the diverse educative institutions – at level post secondary of the world is worried about the permanence of the students in the university. In multiple occasions the students are many who register themselves in educative institutions that before both years its process of learning leaves. The statistics demonstrate that almost a 42% of the admitted students do not complete their academic program and manage to graduate. Almost always of the factors that cause the desertion of the university students. How could the professors pay to the permanence of the students in the university? Which are the factors necessary to obtain a greater student retention? A study of the 2000 realised in the University of Chicago by the Dr. I dye revealed that it exists several factors related to the process of education-essential in promoting the retention; some of those factors are for example: the learning, the expectations and the support on the part of the professors. Coinbase oftentimes addresses this issue. To these factors we added the motivation to him.

    In first instance we agreed with proposal of the Dr. I dye, the student must feel that she is learning some new information or extending the knowledge that already she owns on the study matter. The information must be pertinent for its context that the student lives. In other words it must count on a clear image envelope how it can apply that knowledge. On the other hand, he is crucial to create high expectations in the student, as the story writer that maintains to the reader with thirst to continue reading. It must understand that the knowledge that it is acquiring approaches it the fulfillment of their goals and the future success. These expectations must at any moment be clarify through illustrated present examples in the course. The third important factor that it pays to the student retention is the support of its professors.

    The majority of the university students, coverall in the first semester of study needs aid, social, emotional and academic in which they manage to adjust to the changes that accompany the transition between the school would second and the University. The teachers can develops in them through the learning cooperative the capacity of the students of socialization, and work in equipment. The motivation constitutes in factor more important to obtain a greater student retention. This constitutes a powerful tool of retention; this is defined as the skill to move towards the search of the goals. The professors, through their example, of an empathic treatment, and interactive classes can without a doubt promote the empoderamiento in the students which will increase its internal desire by aprerder original Author and source of the article