• Potential Customers From Search Engines

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    These contents are not sophisticated or formal resemblance to the sentences that could use our potential customers when searching in search engines. Jakob Nielsen recommends “speak the language of the user, that is, using familiar words to describe our products or services. The main problem that exists is that we describe things in different ways. The words we use to describe our business may be different from the words that customers use. Teaching clients to rename things is more difficult to change the way we express ourselves and consequently reach them. For example, a company that provides advisory services for people who want to sell your pharmacy may want to position your website for the phrase “pharmaceutical advice business” or “assessment of pharmaceutical companies.” Such phrases sound good but rarely a user who wants guidance on how to sell your pharmacy use these terms in the search engines to find this type of service. Instead phrases such as “advice to sell my pharmacy” or “how to sell my pharmacy?” are most popular and familiar phrases in the vocabulary of the user of this example and therefore could become a larger flow of Web visits.

    Product names confused: There are many theories metaphors avoiding marketing that we recommend baptized with names to our products or services to enhance branding. If our company is not well known in the market should position ourselves in the web of family names or descriptive rather than positions through metaphorical names. For example, if we sell luxury apartments across the Web the best phrase to describe our product will be “luxury apartments” or “exclusive story” and not the brand name such as “deluxe spaces” or “deluxe dreams” . No user of the search engines use these phrases so peculiar to find luxury homes. The names of our products due to brand a valid strategy that we should not change. But at the time of writing the contents of our website we use familiar words or descriptive in greater proportion than the sophisticated use of words or metaphorical own brand name. Invent new names for products or use the politically correct names are wrong practices common in certain markets at the time of writing the contents of a Web site focused on e-commerce. Conclusions for good content writing recommend The search engine and concise descriptive phrases to write titles and descriptions of each of the web pages on our site. For his part, usability guru Jakob Nielsen recommends us to use “familiar words” for excellent visibility in search engines. Both theories are complementary to a common goal: “to write for users.”