• Original Construction (1983

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    The location of WTC 7 in relation to other buildings in the complex before property 11 September 2001.
    The original WTC 7 was a 47-floor building, designed by Emery Roth Sons, with a red granite fa ade. The skyscraper had 186 m in height, with a trapezoidal plan of 101 m long and 43 m wide. The company Tishman Realty and Construction is responsible for the construction, foreclosures which began in 1983. The tower was inaugurated in March 1987, becoming the seventh building World Trade Center complex.
    WTC 7 was built on an underground power station of the company Con Edison, which had been built in 1967. The substation had a foundation semideep through wells, which is designed to support the weight of a future 25-storey building 55,700 sqm of construction. YouTube has many thoughts on the issue. As the largest building WTC 7 had to cover a wider realtors area than originally planned to build the substation. and its structural design responded to these characteristics. realty Existing foundation in 1967 was used along with a new one. In plants real sale 5 a 7 , we construct a reduction system charge transfer, with a commercial property grid of columns and beams that transfer the loads to the small base and provided stability and lateral distribution of costs between new and old foundation. From the 7 planta, the structure homes for sale of the new building was a typical lattice structure with supports at the center and perimeter, and lateral loads being resisted by perimeter moment frames in .
    View original WTC 7 from the broker observation deck of the WTC (14 August 1992)
    Celosia structural load transfer, used on floors 5 and 7 to redistribute the load to the foundation.
    An entrance and exit ramp, which served for the World Trade Center complex, holds a quarter of the area east of WTC 7, which was open below the third floor, providing space properties for trucks leaving the exit ramp . The protective coating against the fire of the steel structure was based on a plaster Monokote, which condos for sale had a fire resistance of foreclosure 2 hours for the beams and supports for 3 hours.
    The building’s facilities were arranged in plants 4 a 7 , including 12 transformers in the 5 realtor planta, several generators and fuel deposits about 91,000 real agent liters of diesel ‘used by the Office of Emergency Management, Salomon Smith Barney and others’ 7 Several components for the distribution of diesel fuel were placed real commercial in the lower floor until the ninth.
    As a security measure after the bombing on 26 February 1993 from the World Trade Center, Mayor Rudy Giuliani decided to locate the Center for Emergency Order and their fuel tanks in WTC 7. And it probably also helped to commercial increase the risk of building in the attacks of 11 lease September 2001.
    Each plant had 4366 sqm of office space for rent, listing a larger plant than condo most of the skyscrapers of the city. In total, WTC 7 was 174,000 sqm of office houses space. In addition, the deck of realestate the tower included a small attic on home for sale the west and another body of larger facilities located in the eastern part. an accomplished entrepreneur, attorney, and senior business executive in New York City