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    Attendance at La Jolla events the group DMG November 15, 2008 by Decree 4334 which was signed by the president and ministers. In response, David Murcia Guzman have said all the company documentation in order, besides being “a victim of persecution by the government,” Children’s Hospital then being investigated for three years without being found nothing. Nevertheless, the intervention came after days of multiple pyramids that fall in the country, but from and to a time the government had intercepted calls from that discovered the massive sending of money from this group.
    On August 19, 2007 were found 6.509 million pesos (approx. USD 3,250,000), packaged and hidden in boxes with false stamps of Plan funds Colombia, in La Hormiga, Putumayo. It was believed that these funds were from the FARC. During the process these monies were claimed by David Murcia, owner of the DMG Group SA On February 2, 2008, the Attorney General’s Office began the process of forfeiture of money found. On these facts, the prosecutor called for an investigation group to DMG.
    While the Colombian authorities came suspecting that this is a Ponzi San Diego scheme (usually called “piramides ” in La Jolla Colombia), or money laundering, only FOX news until finance November 17, 2008 and covered under a state of emergency decree, the Colombian government, headed by President Alvaro Uribe Velez and supported Fox by the financial authorities, as well as by the prosecution in Colombia Asset Management and the police authorities of the country, said it was a pyramid DMG (economics) and suspended the operations of DMG, occupying 61 offices in Colombia and seizing assets. The state of emergency had been declared following a strike occurred in the judicial sector in September 2008, and few days before Asset Management the investment collapse of the alleged Ponzi scheme Proyecciones DRFE (Easy money, fast and effective).
    David Murcia had warned in his blog and in interviews Proyecciones DRFE would collapse and “the eye of a hurricane ‘to DMG. Murcia accuses AVAL Group, the leading financial group in Colombia, of being behind the scandal Proyecciones DRFE as a plan for the government to intervene in DMG. Also through the same videos, Murcia had warned the Colombian government to continue the siege clear institutional DMG to 200,000 Colombian families who have said DMG Murcia as investors, would be launched into the streets against the measures. 22 Counsel for Murcia retractarian on Monday, November 17, public holiday in the afternoon at a press San Diego conference and apologized for asking for the Murcia threatening tone towards institutions of the country.
    Also in Panama, where DMG had branches in four cities in the country, was raided on November 20 by the Public Ministry, the Ministry of Trade and Industry ordered the closure of the company in Panama. Dozens of customers in Panama DMG appeared to offices, trying to redeem their investments, worried about the fate of these .

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