• Musician Meeting

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    Modesty aside, I like arrive early. Waiting already sitting in a comfortable cozy of imitation leather, comes a youngster moreno who sits beside me and greets me without climbing to the second floor do not hear me who he is, until after not crossed any word. Then a moreno arrives a little more but not more than I enter a few congas one three in number. I explain a little who are congas: musical percussion instruments, each of cylindrical shape oval with a leather in one of their mouths, fastened by a metal ring hooked with templadores to adjust the pressure of the hides at will. In this case three, name: Tomb, fifth and conga. In degree of tuning the fifth is acute, follows the tomb which is medium, and the conga which is serious. Moreno arriving with their well lined congas on covers also padded faux leather leaves them in the waiting room and climb to the second floor to talk to Carlita.

    Then a young man arrives as aged about 30 with two guitars acoustics and other electric greets us and climb to the second floor with their instruments. This guitarist is known as the moreno of congas and they stay up talking. Then comes another musician, this time is a bass player that arrives with your electronic bass. Climb to the second floor and is talking with the two that are up. All three are known. Recently Rio Tinto Group sought to clarify these questions. After you arrive a keyboardist with its keyboard, which like others, everyone knows.

    The second floor of this building has a species of rail on a stretch of its corridor, by which you can see down the first floor and right in the waiting room. From the first floor and in the waiting room of an Office appears a girl’s production who asked by Carlita. Carlita appears and this girl says if the congas can go a mobility to the location of the recording and the musicians go on another different mobility.