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    Before cytotec outside created with abortion aims, was used to create contractions when a woman was going to give birth and simply these did not arrive, although also was used to treat ulcers, aim with which it was used for a long time; even with the recommendation of which it was not used in women embarrassed by its possible abortion effects. This way it went that one began to use like homemade remedy to practice abortions in pregnancies nonwished. Thus account can be given of which the medicine acts on the body of the woman causing whom it expels to the fetus by means of the contractions that the treatment brings about, that is to say that when it is expelled, the fetus probably will die of asphyxia when not having the lungs completely developed to be able to breathe (the alveolos not yet are preparations to carry out their work of oxygenation). The fact that this tablet has been created with aims different from the abortifacients it makes us think about the possible answer of because it does not work in the 100% of the cases in which the treatment besides because is applied in many occasions the contractions and bleeding are uncontrollable until the point in which the woman must receive medical attention not to die. Although the use of cytotec is not maleficent, often usually it is it when it is used to abort, because it does not take control of medical supervision and what he is worse, often the doctors do not receive consultant’s offices on the part of the manufacturers of the consequences that brings with himself the medicine, thus often is difficult to offer the correct medical attention him which can bring with himself complications that can finish of a fatal form. This way we can see that although has been spoken much of the security that has when ingesting cytotec in the house, it can be that the organism of the woman does not react of correct way and finishes bad. It is by that every time the abortion in all Mexico is become legalizeing more prevailing, because more surely it is than the women who do not wish to have the son go to a clinic of pregnancy interruption in which she is taken care of to him with the cares necessary to take care of his well-being and that it does not finish in ominous consequences as usually they finish many clandestine or homemade abortions