• Importation Of Vehicles To South America

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    If you reside in any country of sudamercia in the so-called Southern Cone and decides to purchase a vehicle imported from Spain or Germany, then you must have in mind that the import of German cars has certain requirements. One of them, is the fact that the car should be classified within one of the possible categories of import. I.e. in South America there are four classes of vehicles that may be importers from Germany: 1. new Germany cars: warranty and the initial price are similar to those who can get in South America.

    The discrepancy between one and the other is consequence of the tax taxes that must be paid, leaning positively toward cars importados.2. Germany used cars or second-hand: the concept includes those cars which are in perfect condition, but that have been previously used. These are those who get the most actual benefit provided your mileage is not too excesivo.3. Cars with touches: this category includes cars Germany or Spain with small dents in the bodywork which have not affected the operation of the vehiculo.4. Car accident: refers to cars that have suffered an accident in their home country and that have been sold by their owners. They must fix immediately entering the country of destination to be able to circulate with guarantees and exisiten significant benefits in payment of taxes in some countries as it is the case of Peru, in which case these cars must enter through the port of Matarani.

    It is noteworthy, in this case, the cost of the settlement must be included in the total of the operation.In summary, if the car you want to enter territory of some countries of the Southern Cone, complies with the characteristics that include it within one of these categories, you could, in principle, import the car except in some countries such as Colombia, Brazil where the entry of used cars is not allowed. To take into account the high cost of transportation of cars from Europe to the different Latin American countries close to 2,000 euros per car. Equally in the case of truck transport by boat, the cost can be more than 4,500 USD. Depending on the measures of the truck and the country of departure and destination. Original author and source of the article.