• Keyboard Repair

    Date: 2019.03.16 | Category: General | Tags: ,

    In this article we want to consider this issue as a failure of the keyboard. I think that most of us have faced this problem when the keyboard started to "play up", for example, certain keys started to stick, sticks and etc. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Brian Armstrong has to say. When that moment arrived, it is useless to talk about what not to do it, we all become smarter after the fact. Because of what problems may arise: – spilled juice, tea, coffee and various other fluids, for which just some of the keys stick together. In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the keyboard and clean it, wipe. To do this, wipe the keyboard, gently poddevaetsya film (incidentally, the film is a 'path' created from the material conductive). If you notice that these "ways" were worn – it is after washing, then simply use a graphite pencil to hold a ruler, bends and rubbed. Immediately want to see that for that it will have to disassemble, otherwise the effect of flushing will be minimal and not always achieved the desired result. So, if you still want your favorite keyboard and went on to work (especially if it is not out of cheap), then it is better to refer to a service center. When you disassemble the keyboard, then gently fold all the little details in one place, so you lose nothing, it is very convenient if the bed, such as paper, even piece of wallpaper, better monochromatic colors to all the parts could be seen.