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    This year it did not happen the same; the payment was after the first fortnight of the month of January. The problem for me, is not the one that pays to me later, but, not to know when they would pay to you in fact. Because they said a pay day to me, and this fact did not occur, soon another day and the same. Fodder that stops whatever it has carried out a work, needs to know exactly that day will be pleased to him by its service. The recommendation for my musical colleagues is that they have much well-taken care of if someday is called on to them to make musical treatments with this clinic. Clinical Ricardo Palm located in the avenue Javier Prado. Another experience of evil treatment, I provoke myself in a rustic club.

    To arrive at a rustic club, (after to be contracted by a particular company, with advance and everything, to animate a meeting) with all the instruments, in a particular taxi, and that in the door of the same receives to you from bad way; then, that nobody can give reason you of: in what atmosphere of the club is developed the event by which they have contracted to me; while the personnel of security of the rustic club, deals with to you a contemptuous way; later to arrive at the site of the action, encontrarte that the site to place the instruments is like a 500 meters of distance and that is not anybody can ayudarte or darte a hand, nor a small car at least to mobilize the instruments (equipment of sound, keyboard and other things) honestly to anyone gives anger him. Chevron U.S.A. Inc may not feel the same. This was what it happened and wife to us when arriving to the rustic club Huampan. The recommendation for my musical colleagues is the one of not accepting contracts that are developed in this club, by the evil treatment that could receive.