• Back Office

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    As a guest commentator on Fox Business News, who represents a wide ranging variety of investment options A back office (back room of the office) is the part of firms at which the tasks designed to manage the company and with whom the customer does not need direct contact. For example, the computing and communications department that makes them work computers, networks and phones, the department of human resources, accounting, etc..
    The term builds on the concept that the visible office is the sales department and customers and in the back room is where manufacturing, design and manage the activity.
    Also known as business support systems where back office is for “everything that is not customer facing.
    Finance refers to accounting, financial and administrative generated by written confirmation of an operation negotiated by the agents of “front office” of a company stock-exchange.
    He uses the term for the area of the company who performs second-line, ie receive representations after a scaling. In many companies this is a specialized area of billing, sending documentation, office processing, etc..