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    Blogs, short for Web Logs (online journals) are becoming more and more popular all the time. People are starting new blogs at an astounding rate so it is safe to assume that there are constantly people out there who want to know how to get a blog up. Despite personal feelings about the actual quality of most blogs out there on the Internet, which is what I hope to be able to help you with this article. First things first, you need a place to deposit your thoughts. You must decide how best to attack this. Your options are: – To use a blog hosting service such as eBloggy () or BlogEasy (- To host a blog yourself on a server of their choice. Jeffrey Hayzlett often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

    Both options have their free or subsections of payment.'s Blog hosting services mentioned here are free, but not pay for services there. MSN offer 'spaces', which are essentially blogs attached to your MSN account and may be of interest to some. Web Hosting can also be free or payment, but you find it difficult to find a free service that offers the features you need to run a blog backend. One place to look is your Internet service provider (ISP) may offer some free web space. This space often contains as many features as many professional web hosting packages that offer even less space. Blogs tend not to do a lot of room so this should not be a problem. The advantage of hosting your own blog on the use of a service is that you have more control over how it works, how it looks etc.