• Union Ideas

    Date: 2017.09.17 | Category: General | Tags:

    It turns out that the left ideas can not actually be realized in practice, and there is one, but a very good reason – the lack of a sufficiently high level of consciousness those who preach these same leftist ideas. That is why communism was only a dream, both for the party bosses, and for the entire population of the former Soviet Union, and life under socialism in the Soviet Union gradually got worse and worse. It is difficult to assume that the ussr collapsed by accident, and not quite natural. Once dried up oil lakes on the surface of the earth, fed by many countries and participated in the arms race, so once it became to disappear from store shelves abundance, more and more began to develop a system cronyism. This system later and brought many of the current corrupt, which is the product of left-wing ideas and atheism.

    And it is not surprising that the majority of post-socialist society with a left thinking, going to a new state structure, could not resist not to rob your neighbor. Therefore, there is no mechanism today society that would encourage people who are poor – the rich, to the conscience. Coming into power, vybivshis, as the saying goes "out of the mud – yes to riches", the newly-born political leader very quickly forget that he was control the power that it is now necessary to fulfill promises made in its time people. In the old days to the conscience urged representatives of various religious denominations.