• Screening Efficiency

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    The screen is the device to make accessories vibrating loose and layered through the vibration force acted on the sieve to achieve the purpose of screening. The main function of the vibrating screens is to conduct grading, desliming and sorting according to the quality or the diameter and they are the indispensable auxiliary production equipment. The Common types of vibrating screens include: elliptical vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen and so on. Among these types, the linear vibrating screen has the advantages of simple structure and reliability. The screening efficiency of the vibrating screen not only has a great impact on the value of the product, but also directamente has an important impact on the efficiency of the next production process. Therefore, having a better understanding of the factors that affect the efficiency of vibrating sieve and looking for measures to improve the work efficiency of the vibrating screen have important practical significance. The characteristics of the materials: In the production process, the phenomenon that the sieve is blocked, the effective screening area is smaller and process efficiency is low, which is related with the type and particle of the materials, bulk density, humidity of materials, the component of the material particle size.1.The type of materials.

    The different types of material caused by the difference of the physical properties of materials. The types of materials can be divided into brittle and viscous type type. In the screening process, the viscous materials are easy to be dense and adhesive, which cause the blocking of the sieve and reduce the d. Visit Mining for more clarity on the issue. However, as for the brittle materials, the efficiency of the process can be guaranteed.The particle shape of the material will also affect its d. The cubic shape and the spheriform are easy to pass through the screen, while the material sheet is stuck in the mesh to easily reduce the screening process efficiency.2.The density of the material. The material particles are layered and sorted substantially according to the size and the volume of the particles. The density of the material affects the processing capability of the vibrating screen directamente. The pipes with bigger density is easily to pass through the sieve and the screening efficiency is also higher; on the contrary, the pipes with smaller density and the powder materials are not easy to pass through the sieve and the screening efficiency is also low. Rock crusher: Ball mills: