• Dakar Rally

    Date: 2013.11.30 | Category: General | Tags:

    The company, with headquarters in Madrid, has unveiled its sports betting for which will be the 32nd edition of the legendary Dakar Rally, which will take place in the South American lands of Chile and Argentina for the second consecutive time. Marc Coma and Jordi Viladoms pilots will wear the Green colors of the insurance company AMV with which hope to be able to achieve great successes. South American deserts will witness the constant struggle of a tandem with lust for victory. Frank Allard, Chairman of AMV group, continuing with the same philosophy of the company, has opted for the youth of the new rider Jordi Viladoms, who the last edition of the rally already showed great potential, security and power of a dedicated pilot as it is the case of Marc Coma. With this movement, AMV continues to develop its line of sponsorship based on the support towards the maximum exponents of the world of the Spanish motor. Marc Coma (pilot AMV): With AMV unites us a very special relationship that is becoming with the passing of the years even stronger. I am very happy to have, once again, with the valuable support that, year after year, from AMV me are showing.

    I will fight to be able to make success the great support that I am getting. The next edition of the Dakar will not be easy and I tell you with the very important help of Jordi Viladoms teamwork that unites us a good friendship. His great pilot and determination will be basic in order to get a good result. Jordi Viladoms (pilot AMV): I am very pleased to be part of the new project AMV. For my part, I will endeavour to maximize that green colors of AMV can be flown in the highest. We went to Argentina with great determination and with the hope of being able to achieve very good results. I want to thank the AMV has been deposited in the team once more, and especially in me. I am honoured to be able to tell with so precious help.