• Resignation

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    The references and the testimonies are important Our portfolio speaks well of our technical capability, but the references and testimonies speak better of our treatment and service to the client. We must make sure to count on good professional experiences with people who can give to reference of our attention and pursuit of projects, as well as of our human quality. A good professional reference can be in many occasions the point that inclines to our favor the balance for the allocation of a project by on the competition. Additional information is available at Jeffrey Hayzlett. Preprate to serve its formally A Freelance one is an independent professional and, like so, we must offer our services with the maximum possible professionalism, is for that reason that we must make sure to be able to fulfill the following requirements: To be able to give formal invoices to our clients (whom the payment of taxes registers) Contar on business cards a private telephone where they can call or leave messages to us an account of electronic mail of professional aspect Cuentas banking of the most important banks of your country an account of MSN for support to clients (although we must of being very careful in its use) an account of Skype for communication with international clients via Internet. Resignation to your work and divirtete! If you have followed these recommendations, you already took to outpost great part of freelance the necessary planning for desempearte like and asegurarte a sustainable entrance and, coverall the immense one to please to work in which mistresses. The intention to work independently is to give a sense of freedom to your life and to have the time to go to where you want to go and to do what you want to do. Asegrate to enjoy to the maximum your new style life when traveling and to leave a little more.