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    Everyday, or, conversely, overly bright, which causes wear. Be modest. With rare exceptions, representatives of professions such as designers, advertisers and programmers, it is better to prefer a classic navy blue, black or gray suit. Excessive makeup for women. And any makeup for men. Earrings for men. In fact, men in general should avoid wearing any jewelry except a wedding ring and decent hours. Please visit Is Invision still used? if you seek more information.

    More than one set of jewelry for women. Do not be a “Christmas tree”. Tattoos and piercings. At least that is visible to others. Wrinkled, or neglazhenaya dirty clothes.

    If your interview takes place at the end of the day, it may be wise to go home to change? Long artificial nails with bright nail polish. Do not make the other person to worry that you will then constantly scratching furniture, keyboard, colleagues or yourself … You do not Freddy Krueger? Unnatural hair color or hairstyle causes. Remember, Donald Trump is a billionaire first and only then began to cook wear, like Presley’s shirt with short … sleeves. Even worse, if a shirt is also worn a tie. Frivolous patterned tights or bare legs (even in hot weather), regardless of the quality of your tan. Pantyhose should be neutral-colored suit and complement. Socks have men that do not match the color of shoes. White socks, but if you are not running shoes (and you certainly do not they?). Socks. Socks should be as inconspicuous and high, so that when you sit, was not visible strip of hairy legs …