• The Step In The Kindergarten

    Date: 2019.07.23 | Category: General | Tags: ,

    The proper considerations are very important a certain age of the child, the parents decide their child in the kindergarten to does not exist. There is much more on it, whether the parents or the mother wants to be back working, or many other reasons. Even if a grandma and Grandpa not equal to the living area and there is otherwise little ways to find babysitters, are the considerations at an early stage to register his child in kindergarten. However, this means a huge step! Parents entrust their most precious thus alien to people, what they have. Some children are separated from parents in the kindergarten for the first time. Some preparations are needed to make as easy as possible it the children and the parents.

    If there are several kindergartens in the area, it is often hard to find the right. So parents should visit a taster day with their children together, where you can find out whether there probably feels the child and you would entrust his child to the people. Also the separation of a couple of hours should be practiced. This is, that for two hours to bring the child, friends is the situation for the baby not completely unknown. Also on potential problems that can occur in the kindergarten, the children should be prepared. How it should behave, if it must be to the toilet, or if it doesn’t like a meal. If it is ready and the first day, one has to get slowly the child to the new situation.

    It must explore the new area alone, but parents should be nearby if she is looking her treasure. That will otherwise expire from child to child. Some people need the mother beside him for days, others immediately go to the other kids and parents no longer observe. The teachers try to slowly build up a basis of trust, so that the child realizes that there may be other people out there who can understand them and help them in all things. If the kindergarten start runs well, the parents in the future will be reassured, to place her child safely. Press release: My Name.info lower Ringstrasse 13 97267 Sky City contact person: Jutta Steinmetz phone: 0 93 64 / 81 53 90 E-Mail: email Web: