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    The results raise a great question in the communities: if the plans of economic balance necessary to palliate the debt and the deficit are going to bring about new social cuts, dismissals of civil servants or slope of their pays, or an ascent of taxes. CC the AA already accumulate an indebtedness of 115,000 million, almost the double that in 2007 and a 32% more than for a year. The weight of the debt is 10.9% of the GIP. Of the 13 communities that celebrated elections yesterday, the most become indebted she is the Valencian (with 17,600 million), followed of the Madrilenian (13,400 million). In the other side of the balance they are La Rioja (726) and Cantabria (911). In addition, the objective of all is to reduce to this year its deficit to the 1.3% of the GIP, the equivalent to 16,000 million.

    By the side of the city councils, the debt is of 28,700 million. Of the 15 great cities, the PP will only manage 9,300 million and PSOE 676 if it manages to conserve Saragossa. Income by votes Besides the budgets that handle to communities and city councils, the parties that govern and that obtained regional representation in town halls and parliaments receive an important economic injection. The State pays 276.86 to by elect councilman and 0.55 to by vote, a 9% more with respect to the elections of 2007. The Communities also give money to the parties that have secured representation. It varies in each of them.

    The Canary Islands, most generous, grant 20,456 to by bench and 0.76 to by vote. Castile and Leon only gives 10,205 to by parliamentarian and 0.4 to by vote. Obvious, both started off majority they are benefitted: The PP will receive near 22 million, and the s socialist, about 15.5 million. Bildu will enter 525.000. It has obtained more than 313,000 votes, which has allowed him to obtain 1,138 ediles, the absolute majority in 88 municipalities and the simple one in other 25 localities. Also it will have 7 parliamentarians in Navarre. The formation of Rose Ten, UPyD, will obtain more than 647,000 to thanks to his 465,000 votes in the policemen (152 ediles) and 187,832 votes in the autonomic ones (8 deputies in the Assembly of Madrid). Source of the news: The new electoral map changes of hands about 36,000 million