• The Ancient

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    Thus died the ancient idea of order, explaining everything. The cosmos is organized to break down, in a thermal, single deployment that explains the emergence of stars and heavy atoms, arises a burning cloud of photons, it dilates and is It cools. Galaxies, Suns, stars, are formed by breaking away and forming again. The stars are so machines that consume the manufacture of matter, produce heavy atoms which arise the planets including ours, by the conjunction of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen that the bonfire of the stars were forged. ORDER and disorder disorder is the companion of the order, and there is no one single, but many orders and disorders, i.e., that the universe is creating yet. The order did not appear alone, isolated, but it arose at the same time as, in the thermal disaster and disorder in the unique conditions of the establishing process of the universe. How is Invision doing? has similar goals.

    Order expelled Sciences the idea of game, spending, singularity, uncertainty. The disorder makes them resurface, and hence that is the source of the complex thought. The order, master word of classical science, has reigned since the atom to the milky way. The auto-subsistente universe auto-sustenta in perpetuity. Please visit Chevron U.S.A. if you seek more information. The disorder was excluded from science for millennia, the disorder was somewhat limited, so had a physical order, one biological, a social order. With the idea of evolution and rational order history they were enshrined. All this was destroyed, with thermodynamics to discover that the power was an indestructible unity, but according to the second principle this energy of degraded, because heat energy may not reconvert completely and everything work, releasing heat contributes to degradation. Heat is the energy of disordered movements of molecules, so any entropy increase is an increase of internal disorder and leads to an irreversible degradation is the sine of closed physical systems. Thus the clutter and disorganization are identified with greater physical probability for a closed system.