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  • Well Raised People

    Date: 2018.04.17 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Sometimes I think in some fictional world we live. Especially people in big cities. World created by the media. As far as he is real?)) How are objective data. Yes, certainly such a world is easy, manageable and profitable Only someone))).

    Megacities are living in fictional frenzy). But on the other hand are concentrated in the cities best people in the field any questions. Even as that in the tram poem about it was born: the City, there are born and die What do people in This city knows? Hiking in the boutiques, shops and look at the callousness of windows? Well this is certainly exaggerated. Probably contemporaries know what else besides shops. )), For example a good book, or a heavy physical and mental work.

    Labor which brings a feeling of euphoria and joy. By the same author: Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Yes, joy to the modern world lacks. Yes, and how it can miss if you put at the heart consume more likely to buy again soon to buy and then consume, potreblyadstvo one word. In fact, looking at the recent history of our country, and mankind in general, a person was more producer than consumer. The man was standing at the lathe, sharpening detail, Raised man on earth, a man Raised cattle. Man was accustomed to put forces were accustomed to something that would give something to get, is exchanged. The exchange is always beneficial. And now what? Only the slogans: "Take everything from life))" Well, well. But in fact one generates a second. In the end potreblyadstvo bear a moderation in the room then, bear a moral depravity in the complex is poor bear a wealth of whom then, and so on)). And these notions are relative.

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