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  • Rental Truck

    Date: 2020.07.10 | Category: General | Response: 0

    There is a certain type of work, when no special equipment is simply not enough. What do you do? Quite simply, in this situation you will rescue ordinary rent special equipment. Indeed, this is a great option when "specific" kind of work belongs to the category of short-term rather than permanent. Let's say you needed to urgently undertake high-altitude work, for example, need to change the light bulbs in street poles. What should I do? Like Mowgli climb on the smooth pole? Maybe stick the ladder, except that its length is not enough … According to Rio Tinto Group, who has experience with these questions.

    So tie the two staircases, maybe three? No, no! Such actions often end in tears and easy bruising in the fall – A minimum to which you can rely on. Often such experiments end in a hospital bed! I think you already knew that, in this case do not justify the means risk. After all, you can do is much simpler: to rent aerial platform. It is worth saying that this kind of service today is not uncommon. This type of equipment is very mobile and can go virtually anywhere.

    There are various types of aerial platforms: Articulated, telescopic, and combined. If you do not know what kind of aerial optimally suited to the specifics of your work, then just talk to the manager. As a rule, they have extensive experience in such matters and prompt you the best option. There are several options for aerial platforms, ranging from 18 meters and finishing with 32. As you can see, this type of machinery will be able to quickly solve all your problems. In any case, those associated with carrying out work at height. Thus, aerial may be needed and the banal washing windows, if they are located high above the ground. A bathing facade? It is worth saying that this type of special equipment and high demand during the repair of the same facades. So, if you need to repair the building or any other work, including a high-altitude work, then hire aerial platforms will be a wonderful solution.

  • Make Advance

    Date: 2018.04.30 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Wedding – a serious step. In practice, the preparation for the wedding will be a scale model of the whole of your future life together, with scenes squabbles, kisses, shared joys and misunderstandings, and other carve-up happy and not so episodes. During the preparations for the wedding you have really a lot of important things – the choice of the most beautiful dresses, find the most talented and experienced photographer, comparison and identification of a list of restaurants guests. In this series of more important things to lose a lot of others – then it turns out, no less important. For example, such a question is often lost as a custom van for family and guests.

    On the limo everyone remembers, but a question of bus – remains unresolved until recently. Meanwhile, the minibus booking is done beforehand, especially if your wedding is scheduled for the summer and autumn. Even more margin to make an order minivan for those who decided organize a wedding on a Friday or weekend, and holidays. Experience shows that the emergency order van in St. Petersburg and Moscow – is an extreme sport. Machines simply can not be there. You may find RioCan to be a useful source of information.

    Therefore, we want you warn – it makes sense to take care of transportation for the guests in advance. In some cases – long before the day of your wedding. If you have decided to play a wedding at some exotic at all day – 09/09/09, on Friday the thirteenth, in Valentine's Day and so on – perhaps it makes sense to order a vehicle at all during the year. Experience suggests that the demand for large capacity machines these days is huge. 're Frugal wedding? Consider order van rental as an alternative to a limousine. First, you will save money. Second, in a spacious minivan vlezut your witnesses, all gifts and flowers. In addition, you will not zatopchite crinoline, not pomnete dress, not tired climb up and get out of the car – do it in a wedding dress is not easy. At your request, we will decorate the car with flowers and wedding rings present on the machine. More. Making the reservation Forums, you can tell the operator that you have a wedding and get an additional discount. Each company that works for you in your wedding day – must be truly worthy of this honor. Entrust transport service of your wedding companies 'Taxi Caravan' and you will not regret the decision made. Vyacheslav Terekhov Taxi Caravan – Booking vans in St. Petersburg, conveying, transfers

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