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  • NTCI Technological

    Date: 2019.09.29 | Category: General | Response: 0

    (…) In function of this, one becomes difficult to search improvements in the basic school without reflecting, rethink, to question, to revitalize the formation of the professors who in it will go to work or already work (IDEM). From this vision, it is evident the necessity of if reflecting concerning the interventions that they need to be made, objectifying to brighten up this reality. IN BRAINSTORMING Ahead of that already it was displayed, it is evident that the main point to be worked is initial and continued formation of the professor, where this develops the capacity to analyze in critical way the transformations that the technology has caused in the day the day of the society that is to its redor. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from RioCan . Understanding this, it will be able to generate new coherent methodologies of education with the reality of its pupils. The necessary professor to have, beyond the critical vision, a domain technician of the technological innovations gifts in such a way in the schools how much in the daily one of the pupil. However, as to acquire this domain? Through the narrow daily relation with this technology, in the direction to study it, to interact with it and to extract all pedagogical power that the same one possesss. The introduction of the NTCI in the process of professional formation, beyond prepares the professor to interact with the pertaining pupils to the technological society, also serves as form to brighten up the resistance that some possess in relation to the technologies, being shown that this can not only be used as mediating of knowledge specific, but social also cultural and politicians, which give basic in the teach-learning process.

  • We Heard the Siren Already

    Date: 2019.05.02 | Category: General | Response: 0

    It is not that the author is an observer privileged or, much less, be neutral. Learn more on the subject from Chevron U.S.A. Inc. He, too, is product of his time and of his history, his personal vicissitudes and its biographic determinants. But it’s someone who has tried to do his job honestly and re-thread their thoughts without providing too much bonded to the politically correct. And so it has gone. Better said, so he is gone I, regardless of that linguistic artifice already talk in the third person, as do many soccer coaches. This volume, and many others like him, well different authors, which collect all them evanescent present patchwork, allow us better understand the day tomorrow, perhaps, what precisely has just pass and, above all, have the keys, references and giddy to travel better through that needle a future that, inevitably, begins already to immediately be passed. Finally understand this book, if you would need any explanation, I will tell you more detail its genesis.

    One day I was stranded in Valencia, as happened in another context that Siren of the theatrical work of Alejandro Casona. The fact not happened suddenly, obviously, because it had already been three years on this Earth trying to move forward with the newspaper that I had contracted with that goal. We have a problem had told me in his day, so go there to resolve it. And I went. Or: I came. The company itself never stopped me doing my job as it was due.

    Among many reasons, by the erratic in his career at that time and ridden corporate ups and downs. But these are not neither the place nor the time to get into explanations. These adventures the story, to a certain extent, in another book that will see the light well soon. All that process, what ensued Yes suddenly and unexpectedly was my termination. As it says starkly a friend who also struck a similar labor history, what happened is much like the marital infidelity: everyone knows that your partner is pasting it you and you’re the last to know about what to leave home.

  • The System

    Date: 2017.10.18 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Amongst the many advantages offered for smart cards, can be detached the following ones: Capacity? As cited previously smart card becomes a multiple card, and this is possible due to bigger capacity of storage of information. As tarjas magnetic was of small capacity, the financial institutions supplied a card each type of operation or, in the maximum approached one or another functionality, generally debit and credit. With the high capacity of the Chips it is possible to store given as identity, medical description, banking movement until virtual money, as already used in some places of the Pas.Segurana? Had to the use of criptografado system, it is more difficult so that the cards are clonados, reducing the frauds and fakes of these. This fact is uniform in the opinion of the banking networks when searched on the subject, it can be verified that as much the detentoras of the flags of cards, how much the deserving financiers/raise the advantage of that this system is safer. Another important factor in security is that the user is less displayed to the perigos of walking with in cash, therefore starts to use for different transactions ' ' money of plstico' '. More comfort? They excuse signature, the using one only needs to type the password and the operation will be carried through, moreover, the authentication of the transaction does not need connection, as previously where if it used the telephone to effect it, the information contained in chip are enough to guarantee the security of operation, eliminates time and it does not depend on direct authorization of the bank. Praticidade? The functionality allows that the transactions are effected off-line, for determined values, exactly with the system is of air, is possible to approve the purchase, therefore it obligatorily does not need to be connected to a central computer. The use in mass of the plastic money, considering that this technology speeds what was carried through manually? the exchange, where a currency was changed for another one, that is, the currency of a country was changed for the currency of another country.

  • Movable Values

    Date: 2017.02.25 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Robert Ramalho is Journalist and Lawyer the government announced month passed with sufficient pomp the launching of the National Plan of Broad band who will have to enter in vigor from 2011 and to reach the goal of massificar the services of fast Internet in the Country up to 2014. As information given for the minister of the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic the Telebrs will be the manager of the staple fibre nets optics of the government, acting in the attacked one with the transmission of data whereas the private companies are with the last call mile, taking care of the final customer. They had been nine months of quarrel so that the government today announced the National Plan of Broad band, with goals that will be implanted between 2011 the 2014 aiming at to massificar the services of fast Internet in the Country. For who one does not remember the Telebrs is one old holding of the telephony system and that now it will come back to be the manager of the program. This new attribution of the state one already was officialized yesterday at night in excellent fact directed to the Commission of Movable Values.

    In accordance with an official notice the state-owned company will have to practically provide infrastructure and nets with support the services of telecommunications given for private companies in all the country. This wants to say that in the practical one, the Telebrs will be the manager of the optic staple fibre nets of the government, acting in the attacked one with the transmission of data. In this direction the official notice of the federal government also affirms that the Telebrs will be able to give the service of Internet of broad band for the final users, ‘ ‘ but and where it does not exist it so only offers adequate of these servios’ ‘.

  • So Paulo

    Date: 2015.09.03 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Critical claims, suggestions or the representatives of the Executive (municipal or enterprise). After that, they will be invited to make the analysis of the job of the adjusted language, in accordance with the interlocutor. To remember that the use of an informal language, with slangs and abbreviations, is only recommendable will have privacy between the correspondents. The pupil will have to read and to reread its text, modifying what to judge convenient.

    To confer the language; to observe if used the vocativo correctly, if it developed the subject well chosen, if it was said farewell, and if it signed as the done orientaes previously. Soon, finished this stage, the email could be sent to the interlocutor, in case that it wants to keep correspondence with it. EVALUATION: It will be evaluated the participation, assiduity and the individual performance, as well as, domain of the writing, adequacy to vocabular correct use of the discursiva modality and the coherent literal sequncia. NECESSARY RESOURCES: Diverse e-mails and contacts, books, magazines, letters, tickets, dictionaries, computers with access the Internet, etc. REFERENCES SARMENTO, Leila Lauar.

    Writing workshop. So Paulo: Modern, 3 ed. 2006. Project: The email? Project of Research.. Access in: 22/09/2010. RAHA, Claude Belmonte. RASP, Aline Braga of. Of the letter to the email: writing and knowing itself and to the other. Access in 22/09/2010.

  • Extension

    Date: 2015.08.29 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Research for Anchor of Link an anchor of link is the descriptive text of one determined link. The inanchor prefix: research for text in these anchors. To search for anchors I contend the word ' ' Linux' ' , we will use the inanchor syntax: Linux. Research for Sites Using the syntax site: , we can in such a way limit the research for domain of a site or domain of level raised. Example: site: edu site: gov site: air Obs: we can use some resources, mainly in Yahoo! in the Lycos, that still more helps to refine the research.

    Prefix hostname: it limits the results to specific host in a site. Sachs. Research for Links the prefix link: it returns, as resulted, a list of pages that carry through the linking to a specific URL. This is an interesting resource, therefore it allows us to evaluate the popularity of a specific page, finding sites that had inserted link of the page in particular. Example: link: Obs: Yahoo! linkdomain still possesss the resource:. Instead of a specific page, this prefix looks for any link of a specific domain. If we were looking for pages that possess link with ' ' ' ' , for example, we could type linkdomain:

    Search for Extension In case that let us want to look for an archive in a specific format, we use the operator filetype or, simply, ext: Digital inclusion filetype: pdf Free Software ext. ppt Research for Synonymous Placing, for example, the auto word, together with the character () in the box of research, the Google will recoup pages with the looked term and its synonymous one? in this in case that, cars, trucks, automobiles etc. Example: auto Main Aspects of the Logic of Logical Boole of Boole Baptized in homage to the British mathematician George Boole, this type of search establishes the possibility of search of words in a text, conditioning the exhibition of results the logical values.

  • Performance Work

    Date: 2013.12.25 | Category: General | Response: 0

    SUMMARY: If we to consider the roleof inspector supervisor and school, the uses of new communication technologiesand information becomes essential in the work that they develop at the school. These professionals, until recently, were called ‘ ‘ specialists’ ‘ methods of educational organization of work aiming at, amongothers, an intentional act of civic education. The new learning tools can befound in creative and innovative uses of technology, in way you contribute tothe materialization of the pedagogic practice. To computer network, besidestechnology that gives access you the information and allows them available, itis also communication technology makes it possible will be people being present inthe lives of each to other, independently of the distance between them. In theperformance of the inspector supervisor and of schools isn' t different and canhelp them you develop works and pedagogic orientations at the distance. But, forthat it is done necessary the updating them will be the technological resources ofinformation will be them they can make uses in the sense you allow the developmentand performance of to their duties at school, lives efficiently and with quality. KEYWORDS: Technology – Supervisor – Inspector – Performance – Training – Learning INTRODUCTION This article is based on the accompaniment of the work of the supervisor and pertaining to school doinspetor, in the educational field, come back toward the use of the ferramentaspedaggicas.

    It stops that ' ' especialistas' ' of the education, as much the supervisor quantoo pertaining to school overseer, can integrate the computer to the process deensino-learning is necessary to give to conditions to the secretaries, directors eprofessores stimulating to use them it and to dominate resources computational e, still, as to identify when and as to use them. The Law 9394/1996 of Lines of direction and abrecaminhos Bases of the Brazilian Education for innovations. It does not compel nor guarantees, but it facilitates to the prticasinovadoras of the educators worried about the level of displacement between oscurrculos and the reality of the educandos, the problems of our country, of the world eda proper existence.

  • Maintenance

    Date: 2013.10.16 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Stability of the vehicle is on to the pressure. One sends regards that the calibragem of the tires is made the cold, in other words, when the 3 automobile did not twirl more than 2 or km, to the reduced speed, or in the case to be motionless to one hour, at least. It places two pounds more than the desired one if the tire will be hot. To the being necessary to adjust the pressures with hot tires, it respects the differences of the pressures between axles, it does not remove the air of inside of it, increases 4 PSI (0,3 BAR) to the pressures between axles and, as soon as it will have chance, it verifies them with the cold tire. The Nitrogen backwards some benefits, as the lesser loss of pressure, since this air not migra with easiness through the rubber. As such gas it is not become enlarged with the heat, the calibragem can in such a way be made hot how much the cold, without many variations of pressure. It makes maintenance, contrary case loses its effect. It is important to verify if the valves of the tires are dried up, thus preventing loss of pressure.

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