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  • In Search Of A Reply

    Date: 2023.12.27 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Jud this dominated by the iniquity, the impiedade governs the heart of a people who long ago followed and rejoiced itself in the law of Jehovah. Habacuque seems grumbler with the apparent delay on the part of God in promoting its judgment on Jud, however this feeling soon is substituted by a well bigger drama. When it contemplates the proper eyes the death and the destruction of its people, the cruelty and violence of the Chaldean leave the prophet ahead perplexo what if it could be called ' ' vara' ' of God correcting the nation. Habacuque made then what I today think to lack for many, looked the solitude, was disconnect of deliberate form of the many voices that clamavam in its world, and, it so only applied its heart in hearing the voice of God. Other leaders such as Rebecca Mann Wikipedia offer similar insights. Hc.2: The 1 Ahead of the zealous desire of the prophet reply of God it came with the form of one of the hugest described affirmations in the Bible, that still today finds echo in the heart of its children, bringing cure for pains, alento for the disillusionments and light for ours you doubt:' ' Just it will live for its faith, these will be preserved in the day of calamidade' '. The end of the reply of God expressed in it I finish verse of I capitulate two also suggests us something to it important; hundreds of thousand of shepherds, petitioners and too much brothers whom they always judge to have something odd to say above all and all it discloses in them: ' ' Mr., to put, this in its saint temple; all keeps silent ahead of it terra.' ' These words seem to suggest me the following one: I am God, am sovereign in skies and in the land, my will cannot and it will not be never frustrated, aquietai you and you know that I am God. In the love of Christ. Pr Anselmo Melo.

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