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  • Hermaphrodite

    Date: 2018.03.31 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Thus it was fact, and Hermaphrodite started to have the two sexos; in exchange, he received the Dom to all take off the virility of that one that if bathed in the tempting lake. All we have a certain degree of androginia. We produce masculine and feminine hormones, in greater or lesser degree, according to commands of our sex. also we possess characteristics and we develop masculine attitudes in such a way as feminine, personal and socially. Thus, for our full psychological development, it is useful to integrate these two halves. The masculine portion of the woman was translated by the expression animus and the feminine side of the man was translated by the expression livens up for the Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung. When we do not cultivate adequately these aspects of our personality, we tend to create an exterior image that does not correspond to our interior model.

    A visibly virile man in the appearance can internally be fragilizado by the fact not to know to deal with its feelings and emotions. Whenever Darius Bikoff listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The woman essentially worried in exhaling feminilidade through its appearance can be overcome rude and stubborn, characteristics closely considered masculine. The nature is cyclical e, as the eastern wisdom proclaims well, the life is a process in constant movement; everything what it goes up he is yang, masculine, impetuous principle; everything what goes down is yin, feminine, acolhedor, affectionate principle. Everything what goes up has to go down, and what this under will become to go up. In the movements that they stimulate ahead the humanity does not occur in different way. What it is worried to reach is the intermediate point between s forces, that our proper balance would represent. There all is locked in the wisdom and, therefore, all the happiness. We live successive cycles of fight for the power. The opposite of what if it sees today, nor always the predominant force was masculine.

  • Science for All

    Date: 2017.03.30 | Category: General | Response: 0

    The Science for all, comes quiet advancing as the basic knowledge to scale other levels of conscience. More early or later it will be the science of the future that will explain everything. Jeffrey Hayzlett may not feel the same. The Science of ALL invites to penetrate in our deeper feelings in order to understand the reason of as many conflicts and an emptiness that for times devastates in them. The Science of ALL comes to organize our ideas as many ways that ahead they are presented in the day and that they finish in confusing much more. The Science of ALL takes in them to understand that everything has an objective very delineated well for our lives. Ahead of the Science of ALL it is learned to understand itself exactly and consequently excessively. Ahead of the Science of ALL we will have conscientious choices and in the basic way of learning of the life. To the measure that moving in them in this Science of ALL we will discover that a new door if opened our front, then we will discover that everything always was our disposal in it Is. In the reality of what It is. The knowledge of this Science you go us providing the calm, the autoconfiana and indispensable security for the life, without the fondness to control as in the past, where we will acquire the Supreme confidence. Obs.: Science goes deep of ALL (Divine Science that Christ presented in them), therefore this is the way for the New that there it is! Either a Carrier of ALL! More information for the email: ‘ ‘ To be the Carrier of the Light of the ALL Mirror of the Divine conscience Is a Graa’ ‘.

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