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  • Web Optimization Brings New Customers

    Date: 2018.08.25 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Many entrepreneurs are facing a problem of acquiring customers for sustainable customer loyalty sooner or later: offline, you are well placed, online looks it rather badly? Maybe you also know this: you have a website, but no visitors. In recent months, Brian Armstrong has been very successful. Search engine optimization and social networks, you have heard before, but never thought about whether it is important for your business. Public relations and advertising campaigns in the Internet? This is a book with seven seals. Recognize you? Then possibly belong to the many entrepreneurs who have already puzzled with the topic of Web optimization, but don’t know how, you can use the Internet for your goals, to maximize the success of own. The use of the Internet means, try the step into the unknown towards new areas. You see this as a stumbling block? Exactly – if you March for themselves. Wrong – if you hire professionals who plan your online activities, carry out and evaluate, to design your personal Web optimization strategy. 6 Step online sales plan as the key to the correct Web optimization decisions you are about to make your business succeed online, then do it with all of its strengths.

    This means: not only a splash of search engine optimization one here, a few presences on social networks there, some email marketing and all garnished with unplanned online PR and online marketing campaigns. Be plan correctly successfully – with the 6-step online sales. CEO Arthur Ergen and his team implement through Web optimisation measures with this specially developed concept for your customers. The 6-step online sales plan for Web optimization relies on specific measures of success: website optimization (OnPage and Offpage): refined performance, greater usability and compliance of all Google for optimal placement in the search results with social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest online PR: you’re right attention namely to. Email marketing: existing customers properly address and reactivate. Online marketing: winning campaigns and pay-per-click ads knowledge model of Web optimization may be as strong? Consider: imagine, you have a Web page that automatically generate new customers.

    Imagine presences on social networks, which connect with existing and new customers in simple contact. To get important feedback, to improve your products and a following that carries your brand message to the last corners of the Internet, free of charge. Imagine a newsletter system that reactivates former customers with just a few hand movements. Imagine online PR and online marketing campaigns, which still rather give visitors, more sales and thus increase your winnings further. The composition of these measures makes the champion: maximum efficiency and constant, sustainable success. See for yourself and download your free version of the 6-step online sales plan. Mr Arthur Ergen wattage 3 CH-8050 Zurich phone: + 41 (0) 840 000 888 fax: + 41 (0) 840 000 888 email: < Web:

  • Also Frank Liebig

    Date: 2014.03.28 | Category: General | Response: 0

    The third block searches the entire site including existing PDFs. Here, for example, advice on the correct frying or steaming can be found. A further request of the WMF team was the Visual highlighting of search terms in the results lists and the auto-suggest. exorbyte commerce search is offered as a SaS solution (software-as-a-service), WMF wish a customized hosting. Through the close coordination of project teams by WMF and exorbyte, all requirements could be meet request and completed on schedule.

    Hannes Schwarz, project exorbyte team leader, is pleased with the successful cooperation: within a very short time we were able to implement all individual adjustments. Indeed, that now also the international roll-out, speak other languages, can be realized immediately.” Also Frank Liebig, team leader-Internet/e-business for WMF and is responsible for the implementation and for the international roll-out, draws a positive balance: by deploying exorbyte commerce search we were able to achieve a high usability and a comfortable shopping experience for our customers. The excellent search features and the price/performance ratio convinced us.” About exorbyte exorbyte GmbH is a multiple award-winning software company that develops intelligent, fault-tolerant high end search solutions for structured, large amounts of data. exorbytes search applications are worldwide leaders in the combination of highest fault tolerance, accuracy, speed, customization, scalability and hardware efficiency. Well-known customers such as Alliance,, Federal Ministry of finance,,,, Vodafone, illustrate the technological leadership.

    Exorbyte commerce search with the intelligent, fault-tolerant product search developed specifically for online-shops”and whose promotional functions can shop operators of high relevance of sales a store locator Take into account. As a SaS solution, the search is quick and easy in a shop and ensures a higher usability, conversion rate, quantity, customer loyalty, and permanently more sales. contact: exorbyte GmbH Thomas Braun line-Eid-str. 1, D-78467 Konstanz phone: + 49 7531 36 33 900 fax: + 49 7531 36 33 901

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