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    Date: 2016.12.17 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Ah, yes – it bustles with favorite car, fiddling with equipment and wheezing – that whether from excitement, or pleasure. You can not help it penetrate cares gently offering his help. Not having received the consent, but having a steady desire to be involved in this mysterious process, you will not think of anything better in this situation, stretch your loved coffee. Collected by the time the rod, oiled rope avoid ambiguous comments and hints. Finally, the rods are abandoned, your staring at the brightly antennki colored floats, deserted on the mirror surface of the pond. Since then, they say, your way.

    With the first bite you will find yourself in a completely different, hitherto a stranger. Unusual for you manifestations can notify this event not only fishermen, located on the opposite side of the pond, but the outlying houses and residents in the nearby village. A small brush or peskarik unknown, how miraculously appeared on the hook brings you into a state of complete ecstasy and ongoing euphoria. Your willingness to share the joy with my love, and even danced with pleasure sort of “jig”, but only if a pair of carp they will already be entered in the individual competition. A few hours spent on fishing, will provide you many funny and curious, funny and hectic moments, impossible in everyday, ordinary life. But this is YOUR moments, the memory of which will be again and again, causing the warm feelings for each other, prolonging the life of the family for many years. There is a Finnish legend, according to which a woman the way a trout waiting for marital happiness and well-being. Therefore, Finnish women do not go to fortune tellers for nymphs, and spell and conspiracies, and go fishing to catch their “fish of happiness.” Try to turn a hobby into a nice joint of your page family history, who was sitting by the fireplace and “turning over” in 50 years, you will enthusiastically tell their grandchildren, as family legend.

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