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  • Grotto Latin

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    6. Pablo knew Keyboard key in Icnio he converted and it the Christianity, as he is in the Acts of Pablo and Tecla (apcrifo venerated in the Eastern Church). Keyboard key followed Pablo in the mission of Antioquia of the Pisdia. The name of Keyboard key does not consist of the New Will, but, for the Churches Catholic and Greek, it is the Saint of the Agonizing ones. Pablo and Tecla are represented together in the afresco of the Grotto of So Paulo, in feso. (The places cited here are in current Turkey). Go to RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust for more information. 7.

    The Letter to the Romans was written by Pablo, from Greece or of the Macedonian, between the years 57 and 58 EC. 8. Who was of the East to the Atlantic, for land, would take one year to cross the south of Asia, the Alps and the Pyrenees, in day of more than four a thousand kilometers, the foot. Who led the despojos of Tiago to Spain and for where passed? Who walked for virgin places needed drinking waters e, therefore, always it searched to follow the courses of the rivers. 9. Len is corruptela Castilian of the Latin word Legio, that means Legion.

    10. To orient in the clear nights the old ones also they were used the moon and the stars. The nocturnal navigation was dangerous and practically impossible when the loaded clouds hindered of if seeing the stars of the sky. 11. ' ' needle of marear' ' it is the main part of the compassing. The word ' ' bssola' ' it comes of the Latin and it means ' ' small caixa' ' (octogonal), to identify the object where the needle to get dizzy age placed on a pivot or to float on oil. 12. In the Galician language, the word ' ' Finsterre' ' (or ' ' Finisterre' ') one is sncope grammatical of the Latin locution ' ' end of terra' '.

  • Minho Guard

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    The lost track woollen Guard the Finsterre AlozioMonteiro aloiziomonteiro@ In the year 58 EC, apstolo Pablo was imprisoned in Jerusalem and taken the Cesareia, province Roman of the Galileia. Without defense success, it Cesar appealed and, in the year 59 EC, were taken chainses to be judged in Rome; the trip lasted about one year. In the year 62 EC, Anan plaintiff if became Pontiff of Jerusalem, but, in the same year, it lost the rank and the legal stated period to reiterate the denunciation in the court of Rome. Then, emperor Nero freed Pablo and it he was to Spain. More information is housed here: Mining. Pablo must have disembarked in the port of Tarragona, that was the usual entrance in Spain for who vine of the East; it must have been many days for there.

    From there, Pablo must have left for ' ' confines of mundo' ' mounted tent or raised house of rock in the top of the woollen handle Guard, between the Atlantic Ocean and the north of the estuary of the river Minho; there, it has ruins of a strong stranger and a curious shelter of rock, in cylindrical form, with ceiling in conical form, ideal for two chaste people. It is observed that, since much time, the padroeira of Tarragona is Tecla Saint and the top of the woollen handle Guard if it calls Mount Tecla Saint. Why Tecla Saint is the padroeira of the city of Tarragona, in the east of Spain, and gave to name to the relvado woollen handle Guard, in the west of Spain, that is local so antipodal? Pablo always travelled with converted the Christianity. At the time where he freed it to Nero, it already had 60 years of age more than. Soon, Pablo was not alone to Spain, but, very probably, in the company of the devoted Keyboard key. They see, to follow, other circumstances that also point with respect to this hypothesis. .

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