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  • The Remake

    Date: 2014.07.03 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Which could be used? but as we said above, it was not adopted in the professional current use, and thus it does not have as to run away from the use joint and massificado of that it is known by all. Another example? The Remake term? also technician for the media enters in the roll of the used terms, meaning, according to Wikipdia: Remake is the name of that comumente if of a new productions of films, seriados soap operas, games and others. The Houaiss Dictionary? it has a translation for this: To rewrite? meaning ' ' To become gravar' ' – What also it is used currently, without traumas or pains for use who it. Therefore? We are ahead of the sprouting of a synonymous one for enrichment of our language. You unite as occurs, accurately with the Reboot term? that already it finds correspondent in Portuguese for its meaning, and thus we are a language enriched for general use. In the Houaiss Dictionary we find the term – Reinicializar? meaning ' ' to restore (situation, state or initial value of systems, devices, computers or 0 variable) ' '. The one that if to have a special care you censure in them been improper, not to cairmos in the emptiness of the quarrels estries, that nothing of valuable they produce, Nothing construct and nothing they create. We must remember that in the start of century IXX the dominant foreign language was the French? that in them it bequeathed as many terms (crepe, croquette, head, croissant, paet, vest, croquis) and to as many critical ones of the sour ones of planto.

    Soon, after the appearance of the automobile, terms had appeared the first appearances in our way them technician in English and together also it the adaptation cries out and. It is therefore a question to observe the world and its movement, for a more open prism, more understandable, so that let us can? exempting in them of the undesirable and unnecessary raging bile. Let us be, therefore as the Romans who instead of criticizing its colonized the Greeks, had been worried more in learning with them what they had of culturally of better. Level of professional excellency if also characterizes for works paved in facts and proven truths in open vision destitute of preconceptions and complexes, of a perfect notion of the time and the place where it acts, with always conscientious disposal that its more good can and must be searched independent of ideologies, creeds, so that it can without intellectual illnesses contribute with the growth and integration of the race human being in land. Apolinario de Araujo Albuquerque River, 20 jun 2011.

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