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    Disruptives model to classical galleries in Hamburg, may 8, 2013 – with Dear photography (www.dearphotography.com), Daniela Hinrichs launches an exclusive offer for photography on the Internet. Gain insight and clarity with shaw dad. Selected artists and their works, which are available as a unique, exclusive and limited editions are presented. Hinrichs, who previously founded the company XING with, combined her experiences as a collector with its long experience in the Internet industry with Dear photography. Dear photography is positioned as disruptives model to the classical galleries. Temporal and local independent offering attracts new groups of buyers and collectors. There is a direct access to the works of art that can be purchased immediately. There is no hidden art consultation, no artificial shortage or allocation to interested buyers. Thus, the gatekeeper in the art market loses its relevance: artist and customer can come in contact directly with each other.

    Artists who get the opportunity to sell their works, through the platform 70 Percent of the sales revenue, rather than the usual 50 percent. It has moved me to know that many artists from the sales of their works can not live very ‘ Daniela Hinrichs talks about their motivation. In addition, that the traditional collector layer is to dissolve. Very good artists sit in increasing numbers on their offerings. Need new solutions.’ Supply and demand is not optimally meet in the art market. This will change dear photography and sees the Internet as a chance for the art and the artists who want to broaden their buyer market worldwide.

    The new generation of artists grew up with the Internet, integrates new technologies in their work, and naturally uses the Internet to market them. But also renowned artists such as F.C. Gundlach, Walter Schels and Ute Mahler take time and present their work on DEAR photography. The Mission of dear photography is to art lovers through the ubiquity of photography navigate and to help high-quality content faster to discover.’ explains Daniela Hinrichs, who can rely in addition to their own expertise as a collector on a tight network of curators, art critics and collectors. Photography is the next trend’ Daniela Hinrichs is safe. Painting is valuable for centuries. In photography, we are facing a large yet untapped potential.’ and restricts specializes in art, all-encompassing art offers will have trouble in the Internet’. Kunstlerliste: F.C. Gundlach dearphotography.com/FC-Gundlach Pepa Hristova dearphotography.com/Pepa-Hristova Ute Mahler dearphotography.com/Ute-Mahler Armin Morbach dearphotography.com/Armin-Morbach Julian Roder dearphotography.com/Julian-Roeder Walter Schels dearphotography.com/Walter-Schels Arno Schidlowski dearphotography.com/Arno-Schidlowski Oskar Schmidt dearphotography.com/Oskar-Schmidt Kristian Schuller dearphotography.com/Kristian-Schuller Stefan Vorbeck dearphotography.com/Stefan-Vorbeck Pressekontakt: Daniela Hinrichs