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    And that is just a detail by many. Be the talk of the town, for example, by a crazy action on the road or elsewhere, that can be captured by news reporters or television cameras. This is called then guerrilla marketing. This made Eichborn Publishing House at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2009. To introduce the refurbished corporate design to a wide audience, the Publisher logo, a fly, became a vibrant media. small banner were glued with organic wax on the back 200 anesthetized real flies. After their awakening they then flew around in the exhibition halls. The whole thing was filmed, posted on YouTube and clicked over a million times.

    If you are planning a customer event: ask each of your clients to bring an interested person, who is not a customer yet. Also, download A multiplier. So enthusiastic customers with prospects of successful projects can chat and (hopefully) praise in the highest tones. This gives you a wider public and secure new business. The Nienstadter accountant firm heat m & Karen, on whose Schaumburg entrepreneur day I gave a keynote address, got six new clients in this way. Collect business cards for the follow-up during an event specifically. Find a hook to bring up again in the conversation: digitized photos, an audio or video podcast, the PowerPoint presentation of the star speaker, positive statements to the action by a press article, a humorous summary of the events, and communicate this with zeal.

    So Lydia Steffenhagen sends with one of my referral marketing specialist articles to networking events along with their “beautiful-the we us taken have mail”–and receives grateful return. A tip to the final check all existing Customers according to their willingness to recommend us (“How can you imagine, to recommend us?”). And ask all new customers, how they found your offers. To determine the rate of your recommendation. It is the most important financial ratio and should stand very far forward in the business plan. The book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller future trend referral marketing the best sales accelerator of ever BusinessVillage, 5. actual. Edition.