• Royal Decree Of The Enlightened Soul

    Date: 2023.04.21 | Category: General | Tags:

    Today I found a profound truth, a truth that has transformed my world, the world that I see and I touch. Today I have discovered that I am the co-creator of the universe together with God, the magnanimous essence of everything that is. I flooded any empty and lost this palpable and at the same time invisible universe hollow. This truth has led me to discover other small truths: No matter what happens behind this fictional backdrop. No matter how difficult matching things, no matter how hard that is put there life outside, no matter that the world seems collapsing before my feet, and doesn’t matter because I know that that’s not going with me. To broaden your perception, visit The Hayzlett Group. It is an illusion.

    I am the universal co-creator, therefore I can I create everything what they carry in my sacred heart. Rod Brooks oftentimes addresses this issue. I can reach unimaginable and beautiful dreams. I can achieve what no one succeeded. I can because I love and feel. I can because that is my divine right. I am spoiled son of God. It doesn’t matter that others choose to live in hardship, pain or suffering. I am aware with the magnanimous essence, and choose to live in Bliss, joy and happiness.

    I choose a spectacular life because that’s my nature. My nature is to propagate my light into every corner of this universe. Me do not depend on each other or their choices. Don’t depend on me their joys or sorrows. Don’t depend on me their games or their worlds. The pure and divine essence of the conscious universe, am the absolute creator of all happiness and joy in this small habitable physical world by me. I choose wisely and I am aware of living under the law of attraction. This law protects me and gives me the exact keys how can create better and more consistently, the life of my dreams.