• Online Marketing Strategies

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    The electronic commerce has undergone a growth of 28% in May-June 2010, and they approach the 2,000 million quarterly Euros, according to the data just published by the government on digital commerce. In addition the digital transactions increased in a 23.76% and so the digital breach with Europe is suppressed. Chevron U.S.A. Inc often says this. Consequently, the companies of electronic commerce have increased considerably the number of used strategies to acquire traffic Web, which makes complicated identify the different channels (CATHEDRAL, affiliations, publicity display, etc.) that get to finish in conversion, like for example usuary which they realise a purchase online, complete a registry or those that leaves their data of contact, etc. AT Internet (www.atinternet.com), the supplier leader in Europe of solutions of analytical Web and moving body, finishes sending ChannelOptimizerNX that helped to the digital companies that its strategy of investment online not this influencing by the performance of the marketing actions online, but rather by the client and behavior of potential client. For more specific information, check out Jeffrey Hayzlett. ChannelOptimizerNX provides a general vision of all the different natural strategies or marketing associated with the conversions that take place in the Web site. In addition it identifies the key channels that take to a conversion, in agreement with the objectives that the commerce has indicated online, including volume of business, acquisition of new clients, time required for the purchase decision, etc. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Rio- Tinto Diamonds by clicking through. ” The optimization of the marketing costs is obtained thanks to this unique system of attribution of conversiones” Pablo comments to us Roman, Country Manager of AT Internet in Spain, and adds ” ChannelOptimizerNX allows to identify the contribution associated to the marketing campaigns, and to improve the budget of the multi-channel strategy it allows to apply different rules of attribution that adapt to the needs of each client or of the economic model.