• Judiciary Power

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    Many authors have considered these processes for which the worker comes passing as aggression conditions that it to reproduce this action of form immediate mechanics and with the objective to protect itself of the violence of the system. Ahead of the displayed one one becomes excellent to perceive that the practical one involving the moral siege in the employment relationship rare is noticed and even though recognized for the proper one assediado. Initially, it is common that this denies the fact to be being victim of a siege situation, therefore has distrust to harm its performance or to create an offensive, hostile situation, of intimidation or abuse in the environment where he is assediado. When already she was only excluded from the work environment is that the victim will go to look aid, generally for intermediary of the Judiciary Power. In this species of phenomenon we find two figures typical: the besieger and the assediado one. The first one uses strategies to desestabilizar the victim, to humiliate it of other employees ahead, the point of that its only alternative either to abandon the job. According to Heloani: These aggressors possess narcisistas and destructive traces, are frequently unsafe how much to its professional ability and can show, to the times, characteristic forts of paranica personality, for which they project in its fellow creatures its ' ' sombra' ' , or better, what they do not obtain to accept in itself same (2005, p.104). On the other hand, the figure of the assediado one is characterized by a transparent and sincere personality.

    Generally they are people who play with excellency its function. From there it is the proper siege that can come to patologizar the victim to depend on its capacity of resistance in its psychic structure. The modern doctrine has classified the siege in the work in accordance with the position that the victim and the aggressor occupy in the company: descending, horizontal vertical line and vertical ascendant.