• Identify And Solve Problems

    Date: 2022.01.27 | Category: General | Tags:

    As the months pass, especially the summer, we have problems that makes it fun, but it is very easy to recover from these effects, we just have to know where the problem arises and try to remedy by ourselves, now, if not we find it is best to call an expert to examine the case, here we present several key points for those problems can be solved by ourselves. When the pool pump does not work, so do not aim we monitor the pipes because they may have been broken, we can also check the water level as the skimmer, we must make sure that the keys are open and nuts are tightened to the level of water is adequate. It may also happen that the pump is not inbuilt to not suck. When He does not have to be vigilant so that it reaches the stream (for which we will check the voltage), also for the engine is not locked (unlock at the rear of the machine) and the capacitor works well. If water has entered the condenser is damaged, we must call for service.

    Now when the engine does not run and jump fuses: must look to see if the power cable connected properly and if the engine is too old, because if it is will have trouble functioning. A technician can fix the engine, but I really do not last long for their old age, it is better to buy a new one, and so we do not fight with that old engine. Another key point is when the engine is water: this usually happens because the closing meeting of the pump is bad. That is why change is recommended. It is also possible that something similar happens with the mechanical seal or packing.

    If they are broken, need to be reestablished by new equipment for this work. When the engine is noisy but does not work correctly, we must make sure the engine is not blocked, then we must ensure that the capacitor start, and ultimately, that the voltage is adequate, but now if the engine is not settled we should call a technician for a check up. The pump incorrectly and produces lots of bubbles in the filter: we must raise the water level as it could be that breathing in the skimmer. The air may come from some nut who is not a pipe fitting or damaged, so I will check the installation status. It can also happen that the turbine pump is clogged or dirty your basket, so you have to clean the item concerned. Or, perhaps, the height at which the pump is above the water is too broad. When the pool is green with black stripes: we must be thoroughly cleaned with a brush and add twice that day of cleaning. Sanearemos filter and keep working 24 hours straight the filter engine. Now when this storm season will add double the dose in all products. On the other hand, when the filter pressure is too high we should have a filter cleaning, as this has a habit of keeping sand in interior. We d be aware that if we are unsure at any point in this process, we must call a technician specialized in sanitation and arrangements.