• Home Theater

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    To date, the presence in the house becomes a home theater system is the same thing everyday, and the presence of a washing machine or microwave oven. Simultaneously, the price range of equipment that allows implement the idea of multi-channel audio, significantly, primarily due to lower threshold. Already over $ 400 you can buy a complete set reproducing apparatus, which, combined with television, having the screen more than 53 cm, gives a confident understanding of the virtues of watching movies at home. Such a home theater system can be installed in any room, regardless of its purpose and configuration – most importantly, to You can be comfortable and beautiful place the speakers and get between them. In this case considered below the requirements for acoustic design of spaces in this case are not so critical, but even with the most unpretentious alternative embodiment of the home theater to life some of the speakers mentioned principles can significantly improve the viewing experience. However, the significance of the choice of premises for a home Cinema and its acoustic treatment is directly proportional to increases depending on the class and power (and therefore cost) set reproducing apparatus, which they should sound.

    When the first and the only step to get the device theater equipment selection, then this leads to the fact that its quality and cost will be only a receipt. Because very beautiful and big speakers have half the volume and sound from the subwoofer turned off (so as not to interfere with rest home and their neighbors). And to hear the most 'transparent' sound, which as stated in the purchase, it is impossible for ringing plasterboard ceiling tile adjacent to the living room kitchen and floor tiles attached corridor. Therefore, to consciously make a choice and at the end to get a good result at the same time it is expedient with the choice of equipment to assess the possibility of acoustic space, where it should sound.