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    Research for Anchor of Link an anchor of link is the descriptive text of one determined link. The inanchor prefix: research for text in these anchors. To search for anchors I contend the word ' ' Linux' ' , we will use the inanchor syntax: Linux. Research for Sites Using the syntax site: , we can in such a way limit the research for domain of a site or domain of level raised. Example: site: edu site: gov site: air Obs: we can use some resources, mainly in Yahoo! in the Lycos, that still more helps to refine the research.

    Prefix hostname: it limits the results to specific host in a site. Sachs. Research for Links the prefix link: it returns, as resulted, a list of pages that carry through the linking to a specific URL. This is an interesting resource, therefore it allows us to evaluate the popularity of a specific page, finding sites that had inserted link of the page in particular. Example: link: Obs: Yahoo! linkdomain still possesss the resource:. Instead of a specific page, this prefix looks for any link of a specific domain. If we were looking for pages that possess link with ' ' ' ' , for example, we could type linkdomain: globo.com.

    Search for Extension In case that let us want to look for an archive in a specific format, we use the operator filetype or, simply, ext: Digital inclusion filetype: pdf Free Software ext. ppt Research for Synonymous Placing, for example, the auto word, together with the character () in the box of research, the Google will recoup pages with the looked term and its synonymous one? in this in case that, cars, trucks, automobiles etc. Example: auto Main Aspects of the Logic of Logical Boole of Boole Baptized in homage to the British mathematician George Boole, this type of search establishes the possibility of search of words in a text, conditioning the exhibition of results the logical values.