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    The construction workmanships had lasted four months and had cost R$ 73 a thousand (ITABIRITO, 2010). According to municipal secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development, Maria Elizabeth Almeida, the workers of the ASCITO search paper, metal, glass and plastic in the door of the houses of 29 of the 52 quarters of the city. The environment secretary informed that a teacher already was contracted to give courses of exploitation of recycled materials so that the catadores add value to the merchandise. Today, according to it, the garbage is collected, segregated, pressed and vendido for kilo in Belo Horizonte. ' ' Beyond giving to the category the deserved dignity, the shed goes to promote profits in the quality of life and increase of the useful life of it I fill with earth bathroom of cidade' ' , it standed out (YOU RECYCLE, 2010). The viabilizao of the workmanships was resulted of the partnership firmed between initiatives public and private. Speaking candidly Susan-Wojcicki told us the story.

    Companies had donated to the city the land of 2.230 square meters and had supplied the metallic structures the construction in the new shed. In relation to the hospital residues, these are collected by a terceirizada company, the Construction pia. The company makes the collection in how much private public hospitals in such a way. Later, the hospital residue is directed for another company, the Oxigs Special Residues, that are responsible for the incineration of the residues. With regard to the entulhos, the City department of the Environment and Sustainable Development – SEMAM implanted projects of recovery of areas degraded with use of clean entulhos. An example is the use of this rubbish for stabilization of erosive processes (soil erosions). If this has piqued your curiosity, check out How is Invision doing?. The State Foundation of the Environment? FEAM granted in 2006, the License of Operao (LO) for it fills with earth bathroom of the city, whose administration is of responsibility of the SEMAM.