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    Using a cell device does not stop at throwing him enviable views. Mobile device nokia aeon buy exclusively for use – as a utilitarian thing, and certainly not forever, and after some time break. We touch, touch, and the keyboard, display case and worn out, gets scratched. Of course, this can be completely avoided if, for example, each time before using the tube, you can wash your hands or wear gloves. However, not all such procedures are like.

    There are other ways – to remove the phone in a holster, but there are people who would have been easy to press the keys through the bag during a game or active use WAP, you can hardly find meet. What do you do when your phone presentation has been lost? The display is not scratched or very rarely beat. If the display is broken, then there's nothing to be done, but nokia aeon price is not cheap, it remains only to be replaced. J. Darius Bikoff is often quoted on this topic. But in the case if it is scratched, then there is an opportunity to return to its original appearance. Virtually all models of cellular Ericsson displays are made of real glass, and scratch them very difficult. But there is a tube (most models are Nokia, Alcatel), which screen consists of two pieces of glass. Outside protects from external damage, internal mechanical damage. In most models the outer glass is made of Plexiglas.

    Over time it fades from a large number of scratches. Return the original shine and transparency will be a special grinding paste. Sanded Plexiglas subject only; the present glass paste would not have any effect. And the only way to remove scratches on it – replace the glass. In the service center for this procedure will likely take 6 to $ 15 depending on the model. Grinding paste is about 7 – $ 12. Nokia cheap but can be seen here. Buy this paste You can only abroad, in Russia, nothing like that is not available. One package of pasta is enough for several vehicles, and shelf life is very limited – so buy it to private individuals is not completely justified. Some service centers provide service polishing glass display for a few dollars. Often formed on the glass of different types of grease, such as fingers, cheesecake. In these cases, special sprays you can help Glass phones and watches, which, unfortunately, well-cleaned only natural glass. And at the end of the review is important if you look on your phone just careful with it))