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    The issue is that many of these certificates are not registered by the American Board of medical specialties, so they do not have the same validity. Don’t be afraid, or ashamed, to ask your surgeon about your background and experience. Continue to learn more with: Is Invision still used?. Know that is his right, you don’t want to bother him only corroborating that you are truly a professional. That is why it is very important that before undergoing a cosmetic, plastic or facial surgery, you ask him to show you all her titles, documents and security guarantee. If he has nothing to hide, you won’t have any difficulty in showing them. But if notes that begins to feel uncomfortable or to make excuses, the most recommended will be that when in doubt, look for another surgeon. If you can communicate with other patients who have been treated by this surgeon, or you can find more information about it by other sources, it will be very good.

    Many times you can discover so facts that they do not have to safeguard their alleged professionalism. Our goal is not to discover them, expose them, much less. We know that there are a large number of qualified, professional surgeons and with many years of excellent track record, which can perform us surgeries with excellent results. But we can not trust us without before knowing them, and for this reason we recommend to investigate very well with whom you are dealing. To get to know the experience of the surgeon ask him about his academic studies, that Council certify it, on experiences good and bad with other patients and if ever was suspended for some reason or accused of malpractice. A very important fact that must not be forgotten, is asked in that hospitals and clinics work above, in this way you will know where to go to find a more information.