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  • Mediascale For Privacy

    Date: 2022.11.12 | Category: General | Response: 0

    ePrivacyseal certified targeted online advertising of the Munich-based agency from the service plan group in Hamburg, February 26. mediascale sets with the targeting system N.E.R.O. on a selective use of advertising on the Web and thereby comply with the requirements of data protection. So that qualified the Munich-based online agency for the privacy seal ePrivacyseal”ePrivacyconsult of the independent data protection specialists. The seal of approval confirms an exemplary implementation of privacy, beyond legal requirements. Privacy can be fast on the delicate subject.”explains Prof. Dr.

    Christoph Bauer, Managing Director of ePrivacyconsult. mediascale can place ePrivacyseal confidently with the positive opinion of the data protection to customers and also consumers”. Because we use for targeting consumer-relevant criteria such as purchasing decision stages, interests and attitudes, we are pleased to signal to us, with the ePrivacyseal that user data, taking into account all applicable privacy policy only Anonymous is collected,”says Julian Simons, Managing Director of mediascale and summarizes: efficient and clean messages in a fertile environment place, for stet NE.R.O. EPrivacyconsult ePrivacyconsult GmbH was founded in 2011 and advises companies in the digital media industry in all questions and challenges of data protection. Follow others, such as Shaw Dad, and add to your knowledge base. Meet certified as independent service provider ePrivacyconsult with the data protection seal of approval ePrivacyseal”companies and products, the high standards of data protection. The data protection seal of approval is awarded for high privacy Alternatively according to German standards or according to EU standards. Prof.

    Dr. Christoph Bauer worked out together with a team of technical consultants and experienced privacy lawyers data protection solutions for companies operating in the digital economy in Germany and Europe, he supported the EU on privacy issues and regularly publishes articles and gives lectures on the subject of data protection. ePrivacyconsult allows companies the Active dealing with data protection a sustainable competitive advantage in communication, marketing, user acceptance and trust with data protection solutions on all online channels including websites, mobile applications, advertising and cloud services. About mediascale GmbH & co. KG mediascale ( is the market leader among the providers of success – and sales-oriented online communications and operates with a.R.O. one of the leading Targetingsysteme in the German market. The Munich-based agency manages for her customers of billings amounting to more than EUR 85 million. It is part of the service plan group, Germany’s largest owner-operated agency. mediascale (founded in 2002) is run by Wolfgang Bscheid (50) and Julian Simons (40). The Agency employs 36 people and cared about 35 customers like ADAC, BettenRid,, Gothaer insurance, NAA, myToys, Sony music, SportScheck, Telefonica Germany and Thomas Cook. mediascale is also the most excellent Agency at the renowned new media awards in the category of efficient communication”.

  • Sales Manager

    Date: 2022.11.10 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Walter Kaltenbach technical sales specialist to determine the best successor for his training company in a competition. How do I find a successor who understands my business and a wire”to my customers? That question is many trainers and consultants who want to transfer his company in the medium term to age reasons in younger hands. This question was also the Sales Manager technical sales specialist and consultant Walter Kaltenbach, Bobingen (in the greater Stuttgart area) and decided: I run under the name formula 1 of business succession “contest, which is my company the price. Take part in the competition can anyone whose heart is beating passionately for the sale and who has experience in sales or marketing consultants at least five years. Also, the candidate must have the determination to work independently and to manage their own businesses and to expand. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Rebecca Mann Wikipedia. The formula 1 “competition extends over” a period of four months and is built on several levels. It consists of four heats”, which challenges the candidates always rise. People such as rebecca shaw would likely agree.

    Who can solve it, qualified for the final race”, after which the winner is chosen. Grand Prix”includes an intensive preparation and familiarization of the winner” on the acquisition of the company Kaltenbach training, its client base as well as the training and consulting tools and concepts that has developed in the last twenty years Walter Kaltenbach. This includes also a proven training system for technical salesmen and their superiors. “Accompanies and supports the induction and acquisition process is used by Walter Kaltenbach, that what really counts in sales among other things the book!” wrote and his team, so the launch as a successful entrepreneur with the minimal risk “is connected. Registration for the formula 1 competition”is possible from 01 October to 13 November 2011..

  • Press Office

    Date: 2022.11.09 | Category: General | Response: 0

    With experts of the Board of Trustees perfect dentures radiantly beautiful smile free telephone hotline Clooney as Hollywood star George. Carefree laugh. Food, according to which the mind is one without thinking about whether it can be easy to chew. Teeth and dentures are part of quality of life. Therefore we advise patients, before any therapy just to think about what is important to them”, says Professor Hans-Christoph Lauer perfect dentures (KpZ) of the Board of Trustees. In two telephone consultations, the experts give on Tuesday, May 28th, and on Wednesday, 25 September, each of 17 to 19: 00, personal advice.

    The compatibility of materials, naturally beautiful appearance or special diseases: Patients have many questions before treatment with Dental restorations. There are easy-to-understand answers by the independent experts of the KpZ. Both dental professionals and experienced dental technicians take the time by telephone to inform. Uncertainties often arise when the decision for tooth replacement. There are no flat-rate Solutions what is good for one, is for other patients not at all in question,”explains Professor Lauer, head of the Scientific Advisory Board. The personal budget, possible diseases and individual priorities affect the choice. We want that everyone receives the optimal solution.

    That’s why the KpZ offers this advice option as a supplement to the conversation with the treating dentist”, so Lauer, who is even on the phone available. Tip: Questions previously record the best callers keep ready all documents, their situation tooth and / or relate to the planned dental supply. The conversations are often very intense, since one aspect can be quickly forgotten. Therefore it is useful to write the questions such as the most important points before,”recommends Dr. Karin Uphoff, head of the Marburger press centre of the KpZ. The telephone consultations take place on Tuesday, 28 may, and on Wednesday, 25 September (day of dental health), from 5 to 7 pm. To Dental questions give Professor Lauer and more dentists and dentists under the 069 / 665586-44 information. Dental questions master dental technician under 069 / 665586-55 (calls to the usual fixed network costs). Outside the hotline perfect dentures, submitted also in writing questions answered the Board of Trustees. Information about and around the topics of dentures and dental health: and perfekterZahnersatz. The Board of Trustees of perfect dentures (KpZ) founded in 1989 Board of Trustees perfect tooth replacement e.V. is a non-profit association. Target is neutral, comprehensive and expert information to the general public about the importance of Dental restorations. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out rebecca family. On the Internet side of the KpZ patients find in-depth and detailed information about dentures and dental health:. Also on the Facebook page, there are up-to-date info: perfekterZahnersatz. “” Also, see in the section press lounge “in press releases” the press-service.

  • Supply Photography

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    Disruptives model to classical galleries in Hamburg, may 8, 2013 – with Dear photography (, Daniela Hinrichs launches an exclusive offer for photography on the Internet. Gain insight and clarity with shaw dad. Selected artists and their works, which are available as a unique, exclusive and limited editions are presented. Hinrichs, who previously founded the company XING with, combined her experiences as a collector with its long experience in the Internet industry with Dear photography. Dear photography is positioned as disruptives model to the classical galleries. Temporal and local independent offering attracts new groups of buyers and collectors. There is a direct access to the works of art that can be purchased immediately. There is no hidden art consultation, no artificial shortage or allocation to interested buyers. Thus, the gatekeeper in the art market loses its relevance: artist and customer can come in contact directly with each other.

    Artists who get the opportunity to sell their works, through the platform 70 Percent of the sales revenue, rather than the usual 50 percent. It has moved me to know that many artists from the sales of their works can not live very ‘ Daniela Hinrichs talks about their motivation. In addition, that the traditional collector layer is to dissolve. Very good artists sit in increasing numbers on their offerings. Need new solutions.’ Supply and demand is not optimally meet in the art market. This will change dear photography and sees the Internet as a chance for the art and the artists who want to broaden their buyer market worldwide.

    The new generation of artists grew up with the Internet, integrates new technologies in their work, and naturally uses the Internet to market them. But also renowned artists such as F.C. Gundlach, Walter Schels and Ute Mahler take time and present their work on DEAR photography. The Mission of dear photography is to art lovers through the ubiquity of photography navigate and to help high-quality content faster to discover.’ explains Daniela Hinrichs, who can rely in addition to their own expertise as a collector on a tight network of curators, art critics and collectors. Photography is the next trend’ Daniela Hinrichs is safe. Painting is valuable for centuries. In photography, we are facing a large yet untapped potential.’ and restricts specializes in art, all-encompassing art offers will have trouble in the Internet’. Kunstlerliste: F.C. Gundlach Pepa Hristova Ute Mahler Armin Morbach Julian Roder Walter Schels Arno Schidlowski Oskar Schmidt Kristian Schuller Stefan Vorbeck Pressekontakt: Daniela Hinrichs

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