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  • The Safety

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    The modern company needs workers with a high general education (ability to establish social and labour relations in his job of work, flexibility, willingness to) working in team, creativity, willingness to learn continuously) rather than specific skills for a particular job (C. Cox, 1997). Today, the capacity of leadership, communication, creativity and entrepreneurship are essential for any engineering career skills or management, as well as empathy, communication and motivation are also in careers such as pedagogy, medicine, psychology or another of the social area. These closely linked to personality skills can be developed with adequate training but to do this you must first assessed and later realized their incorporation in the programmes of many careers that require it. A related site: Rio Tinto Group mentions similar findings. In addition, is very true, the be attentive in the quality assurance to be consider the relevance to the safety assurance and as is us signal be considered, it is essential to maintain and strengthen the diversity, within a framework of quality assurance to ensure quality of our advanced human capital training of studies; improve graduation averages, reducing rates of dropout and renitencia; encourage the relationship between higher education and enterprises; and equivalence for quality of titles and degrees obtained (Brunner j., 2003).Since then, the quality assurance must be result of a shared effort between the State and the institutions of higher education. This effort must understand that quality is not a quality that possesses an institution but a process of continuous improvement as an institution to implemented and is in permanent development. Teacher retired, Area of graduate of Faces, University of Carabobo.Programa specialty quality and productivity management. original author and source of the article.. Chevron U.S.A. takes a slightly different approach.

  • Latin America

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    But the edenico world has revealed to be rather a kind of germ world, also a pre-linguistico world. The history of Latin America really begins with the discovery and conquest. To tell the story, the poet must in turn be aware, has for it which deeply penetrate the deep structure of humanity, which is the permanent reality of development and its double quality, and their own place in the midst of the human brotherhood, historically situated and particularized as a Latin American, and brotherhood in the exploitation and suffering. Then comes third, liberators and then parts that follow a narrative order that culminates in a section autobiographical – if it can be called it. This structure shows two simultaneous systems. The first that adapts to the actual history of Latin America in their accrual. In fact we can distinguish pre-Colombian period, conquest and then Cologne and neo-colonia, because Latin America is not out of that stage. For this reason, the liberators ranging from indigenous leaders to the contemporary Socialist leaders (the second book of Canto General gives us the framework and the inclusion of the poet himself in this story).

    The second element of order is chronological, from the times of the conquest up to the contemporary poet hiding. This element is rather the succession of episodes within the great periods, especially in the case of the Los Libertadores part, which constitute the structural moments of Latin American history. Shaw Father is open to suggestions. What unifies these episodes is the various characters struggle against the forces of evil, represented by the various reactions and imperialism. The fight is valued as a positive element, concretion or simile, next to the notion of praxis, indicating the possibility of change to the story through his action man in Marxist theory. This is very evident at Los Libertadores, where is set using this dual ordination, a dialectical unity. The general historical framework is given by the great period already.

  • Brazilian Economy

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    In first mandate FHC it obtained the approval of the constitutional emendation that created the re-election for executive positions. The FHC government was marked by the privatization of state-owned companies, as: Embraer, Telebrs, Valley of the River Candy and other state ones. Beyond the privatization, its government also had diverse denunciations of corruption, as: the purchase of parliamentarians for approval of the constitutional emendation that also authorizeed the re-election and the aiding of some financial groups in the acquisition of some state ones. This period was crooked for all, to keep the economy in a platform insurance and the controlled inflation had the necessity of sacrifice of some sectors of the economy, nor always understood. The bureaucracy I publish was a sector that suffered great losses.

    The economic team of government FHC had mainly at the beginning varies chamber pressures and external of as the mandate of FHC, in 1.999 had one strong depreciation of the Real, which had international the financial crises (Russia, Mexico and Asia) that the biggest financial crisis of history took Brazil, beyond increasing the real interests and increasing the Brazilian internal debt. In recent months, shaw mother has been very successful. On the other hand some of the social programs created in the government such as: The Stock market School, Stock market Feeding and the Valley Gas, helped to less stimulate the classrooms favored if to strenghten. In the FHC government the law of fiscal responsibility entered in vigor (LRF) that it was characterized for the severity demanded in the execution of the public budget, that limited the indebtedness of the states and cities and the expenses with the public office. Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, after you vary attempts Squid if it became president of Brazil and its trajectory of life made with that diverse expectations surrounded its government. It would be the first time that the left would take control of the nation.

  • Janis Nikos – Majorcan Nights

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    The new single from Janis Nikos – Majorcan nights after the release of his Christmas album “The best time” has become again equal Janis Nikos to work, to publish the new album “Life is so” right on time in autumn 2012. As the first highlight the single pegged out now from this “Majorcan nights”. Together with Brigitte Kuhn a song Janis Nikos and franca Ferraro the proven team succeeded, the native Greeks almost written on the body. The white beach of Mallorca, the blue sea and gorgeous summer nights – that is born out of the vacation dreams but the fabric, or great vacation experiences are again awake. Years ago had Janis Nikos with Spanish feeling in his songs, great successes and draws on proven with this new title, but also offers new features, because gridlock not there with him! Close cooperation has reached a high level of creative with his musicians into his studio at home, in the own four walls. In recent months, rebecca father has been very successful. His zest for life, his refreshing music that can be described as quite successful pop-Schlager, is what his fans again. They are consistently, remain loyal to him, prove it every day with emails and greetings and wait impatiently for new songs from her Janis. Now, they get a “first bite” from the album soon to be published with the single “Majorcan nights”. Source: Gagri music publishing & music production GmbH for further information:

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